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Zibo Ton Year Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises of scientific research, production, sales, technical services. The main products are: aluminum hydroxide, high whiteness aluminum hydroxide for filler, aluminum sulfate, activated alumina, alumina catalyst, poly aluminum chloride, 4A zeolite, molecular sieve, pseudo boehmite, etc, which are widely used in daily chemical, artificial jade, wire and cable, glass, building ceramics, paper making, refractory materials, catalyst carrier, water treatment,etc.

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  • Pseudo boehmite
    Pseudo boehmite
    Zibo Tonyear Chemical supplies chemicals which is catalyst manufacturing related, include the Pseudoboehmite, Boehmite etc which is widel...
  • The reason of using alumina powder as cat...
    Most hydrogenation catalyst for alumina catalyst carrier first alumina with high ignition point, high melting point, which indicates that...
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